Meet consumer expectations quickly and accurately

From apparel and electronics to even groceries and eyewear, consumers keep ordering more products online. Just as product diversity grows, so do consumer expectations for fast, accurate and inexpensive delivery. MHS understands the unique pressures e-commerce operations face from fast-growing startups to established retailers with omnichannel strategies.

MHS offers a broad range of warehouse automation solutions capable of meeting unique operational requirements for storage capacity, seasonal peaks, returns processing and order velocity. Our software and controls allow for the workflow flexibility, maximum throughput and order accuracy needed to compete in a crowded, evolving marketplace. We provide the expertise and custom supply chain solutions to boost performance and manage costs today, with the adaptability and scalability to handle future e-commerce realities.

74% free shipping most important 3 of 4 online shoppers rate free shipping as top factor for their experience
18% YoY growth In 2018, e-commerce continued to see strong year-over-year growth
61% expect same-day shipping The majority of Americans expect same-day shipping to be available if they order by noon

Selecting the right solution starts with the fundamentals

Evaluate your operation across these five considerations to help find the right order fulfillment solution.

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Selecting the right solution starts with the fundamentals

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