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A well-executed spare parts program considers the risk of unplanned downtime against the budgetary and space waste of having too much inventory on hand. Striking the right balance requires an understanding of the critical nature of each asset, duty cycle and effect on overall system performance, along with supply chain information regarding availability of specific parts to guide decisions on inventory levels, management approach and more.

Details matter when it comes to effective parts management, and MHS takes the strategic and thorough approach to help prevent common on-site mismanagement and make parts ordering easy, fast and right.

Rather than standard one-size-fits-all formulas, MHS provides tailored spare parts recommendations based on historical usage, criticality based on the part’s role in the overall system and supply chain information like lead time and stock availability.

Get immediate, expert assistance to identify the right part or take advantage of a variety of fast, effective parts ordering channels. Easily access a catalog of over 20,000 spare parts from a wide range of brands, complete with recommended spare parts lists for specific equipment.

With time and resources at a premium during startup, parts cage setup and dealing with lost or repurposed parts becomes a lower priority. MHS starts with an assessment to inform parts needs, then takes care of creating and organizing parts kits and assigning optimum storage location within your facility.

Consult with MHS to identify failure-prone, commonly replaced components and instead repair and refurbishment those assets to result in significant cost savings.

Reduce on-site inventory and expedite repairs with parts kits designed to equip technicians for specific service actions, stocked at customer sites or ready to ship from MHS at a moment’s notice. MHS offers ready-made kits to address critical sorter downtime events and can create custom kits based on customer requirements.

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INVENTORY ANALYSIS Consolidate current inventory and reconcile with OEM recommendations. PUT-AWAY ASSISTANCE On-site assistance to ensure proper identification, labeling and storage RESPONSIVE TEAM Expert Parts Support team available quickly via one phone number and one email PRICE & AVAILABILITY Industry leading pricing on over 100,000 SKUs.



SAME DAY SHIPPING Same day shipping for orders placed by 2 p.m. EMERGENCY SHIPPING 24x7x365 shipping service for quick replenishment when needed SUPPLY CHAIN Strong partnerships, industry-leading pricing and delivery GLOBAL NETWORK Parts inventory available in 5 locations across North America, Europe and Asia



FULFILLMENT CENTER 35,000 sq-ft parts fulfillment center minutes from Louisville International Airport. EXPERIENCE Over 100 years of customer support experience in the MHS Engineering network ACCURATE ERP-driven automated order flow supported by 99%+ inventory accuracy PACKAGING State-of-the-art packaging to protect product in transit