Our modular software solutions flex to meets your unique requirements for control and agility.

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MHS Helix is a modular warehouse software solution designed to handle the complexity of automated parcel, distribution and fulfillment operations, without the expense of custom programming. The system leverages decades of warehouse software and controls experience to make the most of labor, processes and automated equipment in an efficient package.

Helix is a warehouse execution system (WES) that utilizes template-based modules that work together in customized configurations for equipment control, inventory management and order fulfillment functions.


Fully customizable

Take advantage of a large library of fully customizable modules to create the leanest, best-fit software solution.

Broad compatibility

Get peace of mind with a system that delivers the split-second response to keep operations moving, regardless of the controls or enterprise software vendor.


Dependable communications

Make fast, informed decisions by getting real-time information whenever and however you want.


Helix is the link between the customer’s warehouse management system (WMS) and automated equipment, working to execute orders by developing routes and directing product through automated systems.



Helix can seamlessly integrate with ZoomOptix, our proprietary zoomable human machine interface (HMI) for process visualization, and third-party systems as necessary to represent your entire facility on one screen. This integration brings you ultimate control over the facility at every level of operation, from a bird’s eye view of high-level processes to pinpointing individual equipment issues.

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Our ControlBlox system uses a localized, modular design to distribute input, output and motor control throughout the facility — no central panels and long runs of wiring required. ControlBlox is prebuilt for rapid deployment and to make maintenance simpler and faster, helping reducing operating costs and keep project timelines on schedule.

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MHS Helix

MHS Helix

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Overcoming the W_S acronym overload
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Overcoming the W_S acronym overload

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